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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera LCD monitoring

The Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera is an amazing little tool, but one of its biggest drawbacks is the LCD Viewfinder: while it has a peaking feature to aid focus, it is extremely difficult to use in bright sunlight (almost impossible), and the HDMI output is incompatible with many popular external viewfinders, as it outputs a 1080P signal out of its' micro HDMI jack. Turning up the brightness of the display does help, but it will significantly decrease the already poor battery running times (another trade-off for such a small form factor, I carry 5 batteries with me)
Not to be dismayed, I dug up an old Petrol LCD hood that I used to have for my HVX200. Attaching it around the body of the pocket camera does not make for the most elegant of accessories, but it did eventually work (just had to make sure that the strap wouldn't be pushing down on the lens release button). 
While this is by no means ideal, it is a cheaper alternative to the many hundreds of dollars that would be spent on a compatible EVF, or even the loupes (like the kinotech bm) on the market. 

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