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A bad day to record VoiceOver

     Today was a terrible day to record VO. PG&E seem to have a 'Jackhammer Everything in Sight' work order. Time to revise, edit, and rewrite the script. 

Wild Chickens in Mountain View

I noticed these rough-looking fowl hanging around the Stevens Creek trail entrance in Mountain View today. They must have escaped from someone's backyard nearby. I wonder how old they are?  How long have they been fending for themselves? Will they start a family?  How long will they be around?  For now, they're avoiding me, the most immediate threat (in their eyes).  Cluck-cluck.  update:  @loganbaur   informed me that it's a male and a female, and though it's late in the season to be nesting, it's still possible. Thanks Logan!

The irony of the Internet

The internet can be an incredible tool for democracy , or it can be the ultimate distractor, taking the ideas set forth by Neil Postman  to the extreme, with the millions and millions of hours of content now available at the touch of a virtual button. Distractions are the biggest threat to an involved citizenship, and therefore the biggest threat to democracy. The answer? I have no idea, but it will involve transparency (which is more in demand by the people ), access to the democratic process (which is threatened in more creative ways every election cycle), and a longer attention span than this generation appears to have developed.

2 great scenes from House of Cards episode 2

I'll admit right up front that I'm late in discovering House of Cards.I'd heard chatter around it when it came out, but didn't pursue it. I was neck-deep in watching the entire catalog of The Shield , and time is a precious commodity. The first episode was enough to pique my interest in the political drama that resonates throughout with tones of epic, almost Roman-esque intrigue, set in motion by players in a game much larger than themselves. It's a game with very specific rules, but far from predictable, as though one of the first rules is that the rulebook can be re-written by players with enough skill and willpower. It soon becomes clear that being able to check one's conscience at the door whenever they enter a room can help, too. As a cinematographer, I tend to notice when a show's camera work extends beyond simple functional storytelling, and does more than relate a simple sequence of events to define the drama. Netflix's House of Cards  a