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#PlayoffBeard aborted!

Le sigh. With the elimination of the Sharks yesterday, the beard was chopped. It will be interesting to see what kinds of personnel changes happen this offseason.

#PlayoffBeard day 15

Go Sharks!

#PlayoffBeard day 11

#PlayoffBeard day 9

#PlayoffBeard day 8

#playoffbeard day 7

Playoff Beard Rules

I believe these were originally copied from another team's fan blog , but the rules still hold. Here's a guide to growing a #PlayoffBeard, for all of you dedicated Sharks fans out there: THE TEN RULES TO GROWING A PLAYOFF BEARD 1. You don’t have to commit to the beard, just do something else that is a ritual. Maybe you set your alarm clock to 8:19 (Pavelski:Thornton) everyday. I don’t care what, just do something. 2. Once you commit, you commit. No shaving because it gets hot in June or your parents want you to for graduation or work or anything like that. Once you’re in, you’re in. Don’t mess things up for San Jose now. I am sure that some asshole shaved his beard allowing Robert Lang to score with 33.1 seconds left in the 3rd to tie it and set up an overtime goal because he had a job interview or something much less important than a Stanley cup the next day. Don’t do that to the Sharks. DON’T BE THAT GUY. 3. If you can’t grow a beard and still try, or can on

#playoffbeard day 6

#playoffbeard day 6


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