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Today is my birthday, and I'm 28. I thought that things would be a lot simpler and more straightforward in life at this point, when I was growing up. But I realize that as a kid I had two concepts of people: children, and not children. I figured that the not-children would have it all figured out. I was wrong. I also realize that many of the people I expect to be not-children actually fall into the children category. we all know these people.
boy, that was vague. sorry.
The real reason I wanted to post was to show this vertical aspect video that I put on vimeo. I attached my camera to my bike handlebars to test out the shakiness of it. I have to say, I was kind of impressed at how stable the image was:

vertical aspect ratio test from Dridge on Vimeo.

I hope to put more vertical aspect videos up, because I think that certain content will really benefit from it. Mostly short-form, and mostly on the web. I think that it is totally underutilized though.

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