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Day 2

After a good night's sleep we got up and hit one of the city's hottest spots (for people with cameras strapped around their necks and looking blankly at giant maps, ie tourists): Sagrada Familia, or, Holy Family. This church by Gaudi is one of the most epic projects I have ever seen, and is constantly under construction, and won't likely be finished in my own lifetime. Do a quick search for it on the engine of your choice. It is incredible. The interior, and a lot of the facade, was undergoing heavy construction and we couldn't see much of the inner space. Still well worth it.
By the time we circled back to the front where we had entered, the number of people clammoring to take a picture and waiting to go inside was ridiculous. The sun had risen so that the park trees across the street no longer offered any shade, and so I was doubly thankful that Kristen had gotten us up and out of bed at an early enough time to beat those crowds. Unfortunately, we weren't so lucky at Parc Guell.
Don't get me wrong- I loved the place, but so did about ten thousand other people, who had each told 2-3 friends, and told all of them, and they all decided to to when we had. I got some great photos tho and heard some talented musicians playing there on the plaza.

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