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New MBP... sorta.

My hard drive failed the other day (see previous post). I took it to Macservice here in Santa Clara and they replaced the drive- however, they were unable to recover any of the data from my old hdd, so I've lost all of my old Final Cut Pro project files.
After I had dropped off my MBP at macservice, I went immediately over to the good folks at Central Computers and bought an external casing and drive to use to back up my mac so that, god forbid, if this ever happens again, I won't be completely f#@%ed.
I wasn't working on any big projects at the time, so I really didn't lose much... and now all of that unnecessary stuff that was on my hdd is GONE- and there is something that is very freeing about that kind of loss. It's like I have a chance to start over. My computer boots up faster than ever, and my desktop is the cleanest I'v ever seen it.
Still, I think that there were a few photos of my nephew that I would much rather have kept. Instead, they're lost to the void.
I'll just have to take a few more!

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