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My Mac Book Pro won't boot.
I tried the install CD. I don't have anything to archive to.
I tried clearing the PRAM. no dice.
I think I need to take it to Mac Service and get the hard drive replace. about 350 bucks.
The worst part about all of this is that I can't do my VJ set at Cold Chillin', the music and visuals night at Jack's Bar in Japantown.
We're holding an innauguration edition (as it's on inauguration day) and I was hoping to find some hilarious George Dubya clips (so easy to find- for instance- THIS PLAYLIST). Trouble is, these clips are funniest b/c of their audio. Cold Chillin is about the music.
I'm still bummed that my MBP isn't working.
For now I'm using this old laptop that I had to dust off:

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