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Gran Torino

So I have been away from the movie theatre for a while. I saw The Wrestler and I must say that it's great to see mickey Rourke at full throttle and performing his ass off in that movie. And what more can be said about the lovely Marissa Tomei that hasn't already been said? Though she's supposed to be a washed-up stripper, I think she's still got it. The two of them shine side by side, playing what are basically the same characters with small differences and nuances that split their paths and cause an almost tragic fork in their roads. Last night, though, I saw Gran Torino , and I thought that it was the kind of movie that I could walk away from and explain to people in a few sentences. I quickly found that it is not that type of movie. It is a film with a simple plot: a hardened war veteran widower comes face to face with people who look to him like the very people he was fighting against in Korea. Let's stop right there and look at the film's other implicit

New MBP... sorta.

My hard drive failed the other day (see previous post). I took it to Macservice here in Santa Clara and they replaced the drive- however, they were unable to recover any of the data from my old hdd, so I've lost all of my old Final Cut Pro project files. After I had dropped off my MBP at macservice, I went immediately over to the good folks at Central Computers and bought an external casing and drive to use to back up my mac so that, god forbid, if this ever happens again, I won't be completely f#@%ed. I wasn't working on any big projects at the time, so I really didn't lose much... and now all of that unnecessary stuff that was on my hdd is GONE- and there is something that is very freeing about that kind of loss. It's like I have a chance to start over. My computer boots up faster than ever, and my desktop is the cleanest I'v ever seen it. Still, I think that there were a few photos of my nephew that I would much rather have kept. Instead, they're lost to
My Mac Book Pro won't boot. I tried the install CD. I don't have anything to archive to. I tried clearing the PRAM. no dice. I think I need to take it to Mac Service and get the hard drive replace. about 350 bucks. The worst part about all of this is that I can't do my VJ set at Cold Chillin', the music and visuals night at Jack's Bar in Japantown. We're holding an innauguration edition (as it's on inauguration day) and I was hoping to find some hilarious George Dubya clips (so easy to find- for instance- THIS PLAYLIST ). Trouble is, these clips are funniest b/c of their audio. Cold Chillin is about the music. I'm still bummed that my MBP isn't working. For now I'm using this old laptop that I had to dust off:

MACWORLD/FCPUG Supermeet Recap

I attended Macworld for the second year in a row (didn't make it while living in SF a few years ago!) and, like last year, I wish I could've had more time there. I guess that trying to squeeze in lunch with old friends, AND the Final Cut Pro Users Group Supermeet in the same day, can be pushing it. MACWORLD I pretty much only use my mac for video editing, blogging, twittering, and watching movies. For these tasks, I think it is unparalleled. This single belief is enough to qualify me as a mac geek, though I can confidently say that I have never cancelled a meeting in order to watch a live stream of the keynote. Carol, on the other hand, was at macworld 1995 (see picture at left. Note the apple earings, necklace, and shirt). Thanks, carol, for registering me! Telestream had a great screen capture product that is a lot like ishowU, but instead of transcoding to the video format as it records, Telestream's ScreenFlow has a process of recording to an intermediary codec, an