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Cold Chillin' is Saturday

We're holding the one-year anniversary version of Cold Chillin' at Jack's (my friend Jordan's bar) in Japantown San Jose. Those who go to it regularly know about it, and as it's a Saturday, I expect that more people will turn out than ever before. We usually hold Cold Chillin' on Tuesdays, but Saturday will be special. We're opening up the back patio, nobody has to work the next day (oh wait, except me). I've got the big triple header on Sunday at the Jazz festival: the IMAX theater will be the location for the Smith Dobson Tribute Stage* where I'm scheduled to videotape three separate performers. the gigs are 2-8, so I'll be there from about 1 to 9. No rest for the weary. Orange dream from Dridge on Vimeo .
I made this today with 3L. I'm still figuring out a better way to record that won't take up too much system RAM (that's why it's a little stuttery). The great thing about 3L is that it enables Firewire output, so I can roll it straight on to a DV Camera, which will give a much better quality than the built-in DVR. sinefold effect from Dridge on Vimeo .

media f(x)

Looks like media function(x) [media f(x)] is not taken anymore as a company name, so that's what we're going with.

Home base for our company

Today, Joel and I visited ActivSpace in San Francisco's Mission District and put $ down on a space that we could call home for our company. We won't be jumping in full-force into the production game, we just need a place to call home for our LLC. Now we have an address and an official location from which we can conduct our business. It's not huge, but for what we're paying, it's a good size. There's even a window so that we can keep our vitamin D up to reasonable levels with the sunlight coming in. We'll soon be painting the walls, staining the floor, and bringing a desk and chairs into the space so that we can establish an official camp. I suggested that our company be named 'Life-sized Media', so that's our working title at the moment.