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Hall + Oates = hit machine

Come on, you know it's true. and you know that you own at least one of their records.

I am trying to book performers who need videos done at the San Jose Jazz fest. I need gigs. A former client mentioned that he knew of someone- "I think her name is Lisa...", so I did some homework and contacted the only Lisa I could find on the list of performers. Her name is Lisa Engelken, and she's a really talented vocalist from San Francisco. She dreams of getting onto the bill of a European Jazz Festival (Stockholm? dunno...) and thus the video. She needs to show off what she's got. As my minidisc recorder hasn't been working that well lately for live situations (it tends to decide to stop recording after about a minute or so.... weird), I went and bought a new recorder from B&H: the Zoom H2 . Audio is CRUCIAL in this situation, and so I'll be covering myself by using a good microphone hooked up to the camera, AND a clean feed from the audio board going into this new recorder. It's arriving Friday so I'll give a review of it after I test its' limitations.
It just so happens that Wally Schnalle (yes, it rhymes), a former drum teacher of mine and an all-around badass, is performing on the same stage right after Lisa. I'll prob'ly stick around and shoot some of his performance, even if it isn't a paid gig. shooting to P2 is great because I don't have to worry about using too much tape- it's tapeless!

COLD CHILLIN' happened last night- thanks to all who came out and represented their love of good music and great people. I performed with 3L a little bit longer than usual before moving on to the usual remixes made with VDMX. One of these days I need to record one of my sets- if not to show off, at least so that I can let it run when I want to take a break from mixing and let it ride.3L experienced one crash- not really sure what caused it. I was changing the "S Alpha" and "D Alpha" modes of an object and it froze up and eventually quit.
Here's something I put together the other day:

Cold Chillin' 3d from Dridge on Vimeo.

Overall I think that 3L is a great little program, and I've discovered a way to use collada and kmz 3d files from google 3d warehouse in my sets. It takes a good amount of prep work though and my slower system sometimes has a hard time rendering such objects as, oh, let's say, New York City. I've decided to stick to simple objects, like bottles and turntables, and other odd shapes. 3L does have its share of issues though and is somewhat unstable in its' current state. Its creators are brilliant though and I have no doubt that they will correct many if not all of the issues in its' next release. Michael has spent time talking with those people who purchase the software from the site (including myself) and addressing issues and questions that people might have. it's the best tech support I've experienced. Thanks Mike!

One face was missed at Cold Chillin'- Paolo (aka DJ Cutso), who is out touring with the Jabbawockeez. Click his name to read his tour blog which is filled with action, adventure, and creepy white masks.

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