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Theatre Promo - The Lake Effect

Theatre production 'trailers' are a little bit challenging because as an editor you don't have any real video 'footage' to work from, so you have to create an impression of the play through music, text, maybe some publicity photos if you're lucky.

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My Top 5 Under-Appreciated Shortcut Keys in Final Cut Pro X

I'm an editor who relies big-time on shortcut keys. They are faster, they take advantage of more of the software's features, and on top of that, they show that you're a real pro! Here are some shortcuts that I find don't get as much love as they should: 5. Override Connections  The Tilde key (~), used in conjunction with the trim tool (T) This is called the ‘Override Connections’ command, and it basically freezes any connected clip while you trim a clip in the main storyline. Connected clips are one of the biggest complaints from editors first trying out FCP X, because they take some getting used to. This can be a way around that struggle
4. Lift from Storyline / Overwrite to Primary Storyline Command + Alt + Up-Arrow / Down Arrow Another way to move clips around without getting shafted by those pesky connections is to remove them from your primary storyline. In their place will be a black slug. I use this multiple times in any project.  If you overwrite on top of a clip…

Wild Chickens in Mountain View

I noticed these rough-looking fowl hanging around the Stevens Creek trail entrance in Mountain View today. They must have escaped from someone's backyard nearby.

I wonder how old they are? 
How long have they been fending for themselves?
Will they start a family? 
How long will they be around? 
For now, they're avoiding me, the most immediate threat (in their eyes). 
update: @loganbaurinformed me that it's a male and a female, and though it's late in the season to be nesting, it's still possible. Thanks Logan!