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Here we go!

The RED camera is a ridiculous piece of technology. Imagine a sensor that sees the world the way that you see it, sees into the shadows under that tree over there, doesn't freak out when daylight and incandescent lights are mixed in the same scene, and produces better-than-film resolution images onto a CF card. RED tests at REDucation Las Vegas 2010 from Dridge on Vimeo . What was once lit with 500 foot candles, is now appropriately lit at 20 foot candles. This is the camera we'll be using to shoot the next Dreams On Frames film, Muzhumai. There are several locations that I'm excited about shooting in, including a beach scene lit by a campfire, some locations in Chennai, India, and others. The lighting strategy will focus on the time-of-day planning and light re-direction, rather than bringing in one-ton grip trucks and blasting HMIs through the windows of our locations. A lot of the aspects of lighting could be MORE difficult, though, now that every little glimmer of l