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It's been a while. And much has happened...
A gig fell through that I thought was going to be very lucrative: a comedy show at Club Deluxe in San Francisco. Jason Nash, the hilarious host of the Guys with Feelings podcast, and writer for a heap of other funny shows you've undoubtedly seen, was booked to perform at deluxe. Two other folks were set to perform as well, locals Mary Van Note and Bucky Sinister . I was all set to shoot it, put a dvd and cd together, and sell it to the world! there was a lot of red tape and release forms to get through, as there always are whenever it seems like you have a good idea. Taxes, incorporation, and all that other bs... To make a long story short, the club canceled the show. I'm trying to book another show at Rooster T Feathers in Sunnyvale, but haven't heard back from them yet.
My second option is to rent a movie theatre for about 500 bucks, sell tickets, and put on my own show. I'd shoot that and then release the DVD and CD of that show afterwards...

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