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There is a single reason why I wanted to blog. I want to lay out my tracks of progress regarding several key projects and goals which I am working towards. Like I alluded to in my first post, the intention is to celebrate successes and learn from mistakes. These words will provide a reference that I can turn to if ever I stop myself, head in hand, and ask, "what was I thinking?"

Project #1: Video Production Company
I currently have a full-time job as a studio technician at the local PBS station. While it's a great group of people I work with, I believe that it's the dream of every filmmaker and producer to run the show themselves. Anyone with at least one eye can clearly see that video as a medium and technology has amazing and far-reaching potential in the realm of... well, everyday life- but, most importantly, for business. I am still trying to comprehend the status of video in this day- it is everywhere, literally everywhere. I am still working on the perfect angle to approach the video market. I am a shooter with decent gear, and some working knowledge of the many codecs and web distribution methods common today, so I feel that I am ready to get my feet wet.
A buddy of mine has agreed to be a partner in the venture, though he doesn't have any experience behind a camera.
My goal is to raise $5000 by the end of February, or invest in an equal amount of gear that will be used for the company. We are looking at a small office/studio space in San Francisco which will be used as a headquarters for our enterprise. so far we haven't placed our bets on a name for the company yet.
This project will consist of both the legal incorporation of our business as an LLC, and the completion of the jobs we get, as well as our own projects, which are slated to include:
-An instructional Disc Golf video
-A music video
-Profiles of artists (mainly musicians and actors) for the purpose of their own self-promotion- a demo reel, if you will.
-Oedipus, Texan (a feature-length adaptation of Oedipus Rex)

Project #2: Germany

While I am a huge fan of the Netherlands and all that it has to offer, my girlfriend Kristen and I opted instead to plan a trip to Germany in April of 2009. I have yet to put a budget together for that. We'll be going for a couple of weeks, and visiting some of the smaller mountainous towns. I am really looking forward to going there, and truly excited to put to use some of the German language that I've learned over the years.

Project #3: The Band
I play in a heavy metal band called Shepherd's Gate. We play in a lot of local bars, and usually don't get paid much. We're too loud for most of my friends, and our following is small but loyal. I want to record an album (something we've been telling ourselves that we'd do for years now) and put out a music video. We have some ideas but haven't settled on anything just yet. The music video would be a sub-project related to #1 (the production company).

Project #4: Bike Tour
I recently bought a great Bianchi road bike that I found on Craigslist, with the intention of using it not just for transportation to and from work, but for a bike tour from here to Santa Barbara. I've been training with some longer and longer rides, and in the next few weeks I hope to ride from here to San Francisco- about 50 miles. The tour and the date has yet to be decided on- prob'ly a more long-term goal.

Project #5: This Blog

enough said.

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